It’s time for our next Challenge, the first for this year!
2021 marks Cosmic Roots And Eldritch Shores 5th year in publication.

Five years ago a magazine was born
dedicated to brighten your morn.
Named Cosmic Roots And Eldritch Shores,
to help you explore fantasy, science fiction and other lores.
Staff and writers, editors and supporters, we all wish you a new dawn.

Lotus Dawn winners prize pic

Win a hi-res version of this picture

To celebrate, we’re running the Openmic Challenge in a different way, presenting you with five topics or aspects to write on a chosen theme. This month, our theme is on EROS, sometimes known as Cupid, and god of all things Valentine; be they dark, light or mushy.

Eros Classical artifacts


Classical statuary

Cupid and Psyche








Roman statuary

Cupid and Psyché

Your challenge is to write a poem of any kind, from sonnet to free verse, of 19 lines or less, or a flash fiction story of less than 300 words around:

      • Eros, the most beautiful of the Primordial Gods
      • Golden-Winged Eros, Child of Primordial Night
      • Son of Aphrodite and Ares, Archer of Love and Hate
      • The Truth About St. Valentine
      • A Valentine for Someone Real, Imaginary, or Status Unknown

Whether scientific, fantasy, fairy tale or metaphysical, you’re free to share your glimpses of Eros’ arrows, Valentines muses, the Archer’s mischief, or the essence of the Primordial God in terrifying beauty or, maybe, pity…

I never thought I’d start this year without a limerick! There’s a first time for everything!
Join me in the comments with your poem or flash fic. Can’t wait to read them!



See the CRES Submissions Guidelines for what we like (hint, no horror) (
Enter your 19 line-or-less poem as a comment below this post. Limericks are always welcome!
Or enter your 300 word or less speculative flash fiction story as a comment below this post.
One entry per a person, please.
The Winner gets two Bs, a prize, and a pic: Bragging rights & a Badge, a gift subscription to Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores online magazine, and a .jpg of the challenge pic 😀 Also the chance to be a part of any anthology we do.
Vote by commenting MY VOTE or similar under your favorite entry. Other comments on entries are welcome!
If there’s a tie, we’ll get Fran, editor of CRES, to make the final judgement.
Please keep entries and responses friendly to all ages and as lighthearted as possible.
Challenge ends on 21 February 2021. Winner will be announced soon thereafter.

May the gods and algorithms of Love always look upon you with kindness and bring you joy 😀

UPDATE: 26 February 2021

And The Winner Is…

We enjoyed all the entries and were heartened to see Barb’s flash fiction entry and the limerick. But it was Tori’s entry that won us all over.
Congratulations, Tori! Your arrow hit the target 🙂 Please send me an email at: so I can send you your prizes!
And well done to all our other entrants. We hope to see your entries and good humor in our next challenge 😀

‘Til, then!


people forming heart

It takes two…