We were well pleased with our first Open Mic Challenge for dragon-themed limericks. You can read the entries here.
This month’s challenge is a little more ‘out there’.

Write a poem of any kind, from sonnet to free verse,
of 19 lines or less around the theme

Winner gets this pic for their personal use!

Now, I’m not much of poet, but I think I can rhyme, some of the time…Never mind!
There are two poems below that I wrote (with our ed’s help) to get us started. We challenge you to do much, much better!


See the CRES Submissions Guidelines for what we like (hint, no horror).
Enter your 19 line-or-less poem as a comment below this post. Limericks are always welcome!
One entry per a person, please.
The Winner gets two Bs, a prize, and a pic: Bragging rights & a Badge, a gift subscription to Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores online magazine, and a .jpg of the challenge pic 😀 Also the chance to be part of any anthology we do.
Vote by commenting with MY VOTE under your favorite entry. Comments on the entries are welcome!
If there’s a tie, we’ll get Fran, editor of CRES, to make the final judgment.
Please keep entries and responses friendly to all ages and as lighthearted as possible.
Challenge ends on 22 May 2020. Winner will be announced soon thereafter.

Thanks, and enjoy!

* * *

We lost our fuel cells near Betelguese,
Our home ship was caught in a noose.
Along came some shy Aldebarans,
and offered helping tentacled han’s.
Now we’re loose!

* * *

It looms,
in the gloom,
the ship of many rooms.
Darkness flees its bright beams,
bringing us hope for our dreams,
Grey worries never enter its seams.
A rush of boarding activity
to a ship large as a city,
aurora hull gleaming pretty.
Then its engines inhale,
with a roar like a gale,
and the great ship sweeps off like a whale.

* * *

Over to you!


Update: 24 May 2020

And we have a winner!
We had a great challenge with a diverse range of emotions and views of Mothership. Thank you to all who’ve entered and to those who’ve voted!

The winner is Glenn Lyvers with Waiting For Mother.
Congratulations, Glenn! Please email me at leennamythslegendsfairytales at cosmicrootsandeldritchshores dot com for your badge and prizes.

Stay tuned for our next challenge, and feel free to browse through the rest of what Openmic has to offer.
Til next time, good health and happy writing to you!

* * *