I thought I’d grab the OpenMic to get us started on a form I think is a lot of fun! This may be my only chance, and I’m going make the best of it!

So, I’m challenging you to a Limerick round with the theme DRAGONS.

Ever since I read about the Lady from Niger who sat upon a tiger, and the Man from Peru who dreamt he was eating his shoe, I’ve been trying to write my own classic limerick. I don’t think I’ll ever manage one as good as the Flea, And The Fly In The Flue, but I try anyway.
I hope you will too.

To get us started, I’ve penned two limericks about dragons and I’m challenging you do better!


Simply enter your completed limerick by posting it as a comment below this post.

The Winner gets two Bs: Bragging rights and a virtual Badge 😀

Vote for your favorite by Liking that entry. The limerick with the most Likes will obviously be the winner. If there’s a tie, we’ll get Fran, editor of CRES, to make the final judgement.
Please keep entries and responses friendly to all ages and as lighthearted as possible.
Challenge ends on 22 April 2020.
Winner will be announced soon thereafter.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Theme: Dragons

There was a young knight who wished to fight a dragon,
so he set off one day in a large metal wagon.
He found the fiery reptile
after many a dusty mile…
Lucky him; he returned—but without a rag on.

There was dragon from Cologne
who despised being alone.
So he negotiated with a wizard
for a spell that would turn him into a lounge lizard,
only to find the magic produced of him a clone.



(updated 27 April 2020)

Thank you to all who entered and participated. The excellent entries delighted Fran, our CRES editor, so much so that an additional prize of a free subscription to CRES is being awarded.
Such great entries caused some debate among the judges, with them split over those entries that subverted expectations and the traditional limerick.
In the end, TWO winners were chosen: MORGAN WELCH and REBECCA R PIERCE. Congratulations you two:-D Please email me at leennamythslegendsfairytales at cosmicrootsandeldritchshores dot com for your badges and prize.
Looking forward to our next Open Mic Challenge…with some added surprises for those who’ll participate! Stay tuned and stay safe!