For Leap Day February 29, 0f leap year 2020,
Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores has a new science fiction story:

“Cows in Space”

by J. Drake

Back then ‘a course, nobody knew about ‘em. Out in space they look kinda hazy, so we figure there might always have been a few about, just blendin’ in with interstellar clouds. Once they started their great migration though, leapin over the Great Nebula Wall, there were great big incandescent herds of ‘em, streamin’ out across our local territories ‘til we couldn’t help but notice.  ‘Specially once they found planets they liked.  Then they kinda condensed to a more physically palpable form you might say, and nonchalantly set to grazin’.

Well what could that lead to but peace and quiet?